Your rehearsed reaction

Is violent through

And through 

Such a sweet disaster

If only he could

Find you

And you’ll stay

In my head

I shatter

Underneath your flame 

Cause I’m waiting for

I’m waiting for

Oh won’t you say it’s fine 

Cause I’m reaching for you

In this empty space

Please let me change your mind



Swimming under water

My mother and father

Breathe in new 

So I don’t have to lose

Sift through

Into the empty

Sinking through

To the middle of the earth

Light escapes

A breach ahead

A taste so fresh 

A life without you

Late at night

Got a hard feeling

You kept me at 

Arms length

So I don’t question

Why you’re always late

Subtle unrest

And I don’t feel enough

To hold you

When times get rough

We both blink

And time goes by

I still think 

about you all the time 

I still wait 

For your reply